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The Meaning of Flowers - Color

Did you know that each color of flower represents a different meaning? The color of flower you choose can be equally as important as the type of flower. With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, we figured that we would do a quick exploration of the significance behind the hues of our beautiful blooms.


Have you ever wondered why red roses are the most commonly used flower for Valentine's Day arrangements? Red flowers represent desire, strength and passionate love. They can also be used to convey respect and courage.


Do yellow flowers instantly bring a smile to your face? There just might be a reason why! These bright, sunny flowers symbolize friendship! They also represent joy, happiness and new beginnings.


Similar to the color red, pink flowers can also represent unconditional love. Pink blooms are commonly used to convey happiness, gentility, and grace. Other meanings include, youth and innocence.

Did you know: The color pink can have a calming effect and can help people get in touch with their thoughtful and caring side either through the need to receive, give, or care for others.


With the color orange being so bright and vibrant, it's no surprise that this bold hue represents excitement and enthusiasm. Orange can also represent warmth, joy and happiness.


White flowers represent purity and innocence and can also be used to convey sympathy. In addition, this simple hue can also be used to evoke simple beauty, represent a sign of new beginnings, and can also symbolize something good and positive.


Traditionally, purple flowers have been used to represent success as well as royalty and are a symbol of dignity, pride, accomplishment and feelings of admiration.


You just might be thinking, "but aren't lavender and purple technically the same thing?" While to the eye they might look similar, their meanings actually differ. Lavender flowers are a sign of youth, elegance, grace and femininity.


Blue colored stems represent tranquility and peace as well as openness and serenity. The color blue is also known to spread feelings of relaxation and calm preoccupation and worry. This calming color can also be used as a sign of intelligence and creativity!


Green flowers can generally be associated with rebirth and renewal. They're also a symbol of good health, good fortune and youthfulness. Green tones are both pleasing to the eye and have been said to promote healing and safety.

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