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Updated: Sep 2, 2018

Here at Harbor Blooms, we personally LOVE the products that we carry and we truly enjoy picking out quality items to carry in our store in hopes that our customers will love them just as much as we do! One of our personal favorites is the Voluspa line of candles. So, sit back and take a second to learn about what makes Voluspa so unique!

About Voluspa - Crafted with passion in California

"Voluspa is true handcrafted California luxury. Exquisite scents, cool, colorful, reusable containers that we design in house and perfectly formulated candles are the backbone of who we are. Our ingredients are rare, sourced globally, and fine fragrance quality. Each ingredient contributing to an exclusively unique fragrance that is far above and beyond that of typical department store candles. That is why we have such a cult and celebrity following for our scents. Voluspa has never sold a candle that we didn't make ourselves. This is a fact that we have always taken pride in, and not something that many other brands can claim." - Voluspa website Traci and Troy Arnsten, Creators of Voluspa

Why we love Voluspa

Not only do we love the beautiful story behind the creation of Voluspa candles, but we also LOVE their scents! There isn't much better than lighting some delicious smelling candles with incredible scents that completely transform the feel of your home or wherever you use your Voluspa candles. Our personal favorite is the Bourbon Vanille, it has such a cozy, yet sweet musky smell to it that will make you feel warm and cozy on a cold winter night. We also love that you can repurpose your Voluspa candle container into a beautiful vase for some fresh picked flowers, or as a catch-all for pens and pencils. or whatever you choose! Voluspa has a wide range of incredible scents, some of which you can find right here at Harbor Blooms!

Voluspa Founder's Story

Voluspa was hand-crafted with love by artisans and entrepreneurs Traci and Troy Arntsen in their California kitchen nearly 20 years ago. Rising from burned pots, homemade

waxes and intoxicating perfume oils, Voluspa is today a reflection of art, beauty and culture that inspire it's founders in their travels. Traci's cultivated passion for botany and essential oils combined with her fragrance expertise, allows Voluspa to blend proprietary scents using the finest ingredients sustainably sourced from the farthest reaches of the world. Troy's passion for travel, business savvy - and for never overlooking the right opportunity - have positioned Voluspa as one of the premier purveyors of luxury scented candles and body products in the world today. The name Voluspa originates in an ancient Norse poem about the creation of the world from chaos. And as the chaos in the kitchen signified, great beauty is often born of great passion.

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