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Fall Floral Trends

Ah, September is almost here. For some florists, September is a welcomed busier season than the long summer days. Long-sleeved shirts and beautiful rustic blooms, right? Hold on tight, because some of this year’s autumn flower trends on social media are quite surprising.

From unique flower combinations to exquisite new blooms, autumn is a season that encompasses all that is wondrous.


Composed of dried or silk, these are a fall must-have for shoppers. High-end home decor stores are offering these at a premium price and cashing in. How about we whip up some beautiful floral wreaths for your home at a fraction of the cost?


Highly styled wrap bouquets are becoming more and more popular this season. With design trends gravitating more toward the natural and minimalistic look, these wrapped bouquets are becoming more of a trend. Plus, it gives the recipient of the bouquet a chance to try out their own floral trends by styling their flowers in a vase or container of their choice and show off their creativity!


I know what you're thinking, cotton floral arrangements? Amazing, right!? Cotton is extremely popular for fall and absolutely beautiful for the holidays. Next time you order an arrangement, ask to have some cotton incorporated. The cotton fits right in with the "natural" trend and won't be going away anytime soon.


Sweet ranuculus, we LOVE IT! And so does everyone else, this is a highly sought after bloom and among the top five favored on social media. So go get your ranuculus on!


With a name like that, how could they not be tempting? This isn't a new flower stem for us florists, but it's being used so frequently and the number 1 wildflower choice for social media followers. Chocolate Cosmos bloom mid-to-late summer, so they're the perfect addition to a high-style garden picked arrangement. I mean, just look at how beautiful they are close up!

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